Welcome Home – The Front Door & Entry

(This post originally appread as part of the January 2015 newsletter)

The kitchen might be heart of the home but the front door is your home’s face to the world and the front entrance makes the first impression.

We love the trends to make the main door to your home bright. Have you seen a purple door in your neighborhood? Turquoise? Orange? According to Huffington Post Home’s the top six colors for front doors are: red, indigo, orange, black, lime green or yellow. If you are thinking about selling bold is o.k. but remember, this color still has to appeal to many potential buyers. Red, indigo or black are all good choices. If you recently moved and want to add your own stamp to your new residence or if you are settled but want a quick update definitely try one of the brighter options such as orange, lime green or yellow. Sherwin William’s color of the year is “Color Reef” – which they describe as a vibrant blend of pink, orange and red. Perhaps this hue is what you want to greet your guests?

Once inside the front door the entryway can often become a chaotic dumping ground. Tame the jacket and backpack beast with some of these tips:

  • Add hooks to the inside of the closet door
  • Hang a second bar to double your coat storage
  • Assign each family member a basket for hats, gloves & accessories
  • Place a boot tray by the door (add stones http://www.marthastewart.com/275543/entryway-organizing-ideas/@center/276989/organizing#234416)
  • Use clear bags on hangers for small items
  • Be sure to hang hooks (or bars) at kid friendly heights
  • Baskets, bins, boxes for each person or for specific gear

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