Steps to Success – What Are Your Goals for 2015?

(This post was originally part of the January 2015 email newsletter.)

A mountain climber doesn’t just take a single step to reach top of the mountain. He or she makes many deliberate moves to reach the summit. It’s not a straight A to B climb – it’s A to B to C to D and then maybe back to D until finally to E. When we set a goal we can see the top of the mountain but we don’t always map out a plan for the climb. Standing at the base and looking up it’s often too overwhelming so we quit. Let’s make 2015 a year to not just set goals but to find the steps it will take to actually achieve them.

After you define the goal look backwards to find the path to reach it. Make each step its own goal with small victories you can celebrate along the way. Add dates to each step as an outline to check your progress. Times will also hold you accountable – if something doesn’t have a deadline it might never happen. Adjust as needed. Maybe you didn’t allow enough time to accomplish the second step after thinking you’d be on the third, that’s o.k.! Don’t give up the goal, just revise the times to something realistic.

In addition to making smaller steps and setting times here are some things to do to help set and achieve your goals in 2015:

Create a vision board
Tell a friend
Get a journal

Katey’s goal? To close 50 real estate transactions in 2015.

Deanna’s goal? In addition to supporting Katey in reaching her goal of closing 50 transactions Deanna plans to run the Tiger Tracks 5k in August after a long hiatus from running due to a serious knee injury.

What are you goals for the year? Remember, as Lao Tzu stated, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” We wish you a very successful journey.

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